July 22, 2008

Thinking Outside Since 1947

So, I wear a lot of clothing made by LRG Co. and one of their phrases I’ve seen them use time & time again on their clothing was “Thinking Outside Since 1947”. Now I know that they weren’t founded in 1947 and it began to interest me as to why they picked that year and what did “thinking outside” have to do with it. So I looked it up in order to see what went on. Come to find out, it was a very busy year. Here are (what I think are) the Top 10 events of 1947:

10. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in the MLB.
9. Bell X-1 breaks the sound barrier
8. Harold Dahl reports meeting the “Men In Black” after seeing 6 UFOs.
7. The Truman Doctrine is imposed.
6. The basis of the World Trade Organization is founded.
5. The Dead Sea Scrolls are unearthed.
4. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is formed.
3. A UFO allegedly lands in Roswell, NM on 7/7/47
2. Palestine is partitioned between Arabs & Jews, creating the state of Israel.
1. The CIA is formed.

Hmm… maybe LRG is on to something when it says “Thinking Outside Since 1947”. I mean it was the first time that there was a mass speculation toward the idea that life could exist outside of this planet. It also applies directly to us when new branches of our Federal Government like the WTO and IMF are created, making an increasing number of people around the world dependant upon the value of an inflated American dollar. We also confronted our country’s rough racial history when an African-American was allowed to professionally participate in our “National Pastime”.

All in all, I’d personally like to thank the people at LRG for waking me up to see what’s gone on in our past in order to better steer the future. The Jackie Robinson thing most people know, but there was a lot of other stuff going on that still affects us in a major way today. That’s all I’ve got for this week but stay tuned yo.

- Stephen Tyson Jr.

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