February 24, 2009

DJ ear.2.ear - Can It Be?! [MUSIC VIDEO]

February 23, 2009

M.K. Asante's "It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop"

So I received a copy of M.K. Asante Jr.’s book “It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop” from my father for my birthday, and it’s very much an eye-opener that snaps your attention to the future of our culture.

Now, like many of you I first heard the phrase “It’s bigger than hip-hop” from Dead Prez. The concept was always intriguing, but I never really thought of it as describing the progression of our culture. When reading Prof. Asante’s book, I began to understand how even though I’M part of the next-generation of Hip-Hop there are youth behind me that will shape the culture even further than I could have imagined.

Kind of how like in the 80’s we were making movies like “Krush Groove” and today you can see films like “8 Mile” and “Hustle & Flow”. Not saying they were as classic or pioneering as the original, but it re-invented what was already there to fit with the present.

And that’s pretty much the way Hip-Hop culture will continue to be… there will always be the pioneers of the past to influence the current generation, and while the current generation is doing their thing there is a whole new wave of youth that will take elements of what you’re doing and create something brand new. We can continue to say that “Hip-Hop is this” or “Hip-Hop is that”, but what will ultimately drive us forward is the realization that we can take what Hip-Hop gives us and make it bigger, better, and more applicable than anyone could have realized. And THAT’S bigger than Hip-Hop.

- Steve Tyson Jr.

February 15, 2009

Nate Robinson Is Superman's Kryptonite!

February 10, 2009

7 Questions

It’s February 10th, now where do I begin?
Where I last left off, let’s pick up from the end.

Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers at the Grammys?!
I feel bad for the legend, and the whole Morris family

A-Rod juiced up while he was playing for the Rangers
Do you think his Hall-of-Fame enshrinement is in danger?

Chris Brown turned Rihanna into Robin Givens
Will they break up? Or do you think he’ll be forgiven?

The stimulus check is still stuck in the Senate
Do you think it’ll get passed before the Cubs win the pennant?

And congrats to the Steelers and their 6th Super Bowl
Will Mike Tomlin be around for as long as they kept Chuck Noll?

All of these stories you can find on globalGrind.
Find out about the world, so you can expand your mind

These are just a couple topics that I really had to vent,
I want to hear your opinion, so be sure to comment!

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February 05, 2009

Exile - Funky Worm (Chopped on MPC)

Exile - Funky Worm Chop from FWMJ on Vimeo

The Image CNN Didn't Want White America To See!

This photograph of The Body of Christ praying over President Barack Obama was not aired on CNN in fears that rural, white America would make an uproar about it...


After winning Super Bowl XLIII, Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers does a stage dive into a crowd of 300,000 people during the Super Bowl Parade!

February 04, 2009

KRS-One On The Government

It's in your best interests to watch in its entirety and then comment with your own opinion below.

February 03, 2009

globalGrind Blog: 2.3.09

It’s February 3rd, and I’ve got a couple questions
For the people of the world, let’s begin my blogging section.

Kwame Kilpatrick was released from the pen
After serving 99-days will he do it again?

Rick Ross is pissed off over baby mama drama, cuz 50 found his info
Faster than we’ve found Osama.

Obama’s got the FDA fighting salmonella, it’s a thriller that our
Peanut butter has become a killer.

Michael Phelps was in a photograph ripping a bong, now ask yourselves
“Was the Olympic swimmer really wrong?”

Jennifer Hudson’s national anthem had me thinking,
Did she really just kill it? or was she lip-synching?

Rakim blames NY for Hip-Hop’s demise
Do you think it’s still alive? or do you think it’s in disguise?

All of these stories you can find on globalGrind,
Find out about the world, so you can expand your mind

These are just a couple topics that I really had to vent,
I want to hear your opinion so be sure to comment.

- Steve Tyson

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