February 10, 2009

7 Questions

It’s February 10th, now where do I begin?
Where I last left off, let’s pick up from the end.

Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers at the Grammys?!
I feel bad for the legend, and the whole Morris family

A-Rod juiced up while he was playing for the Rangers
Do you think his Hall-of-Fame enshrinement is in danger?

Chris Brown turned Rihanna into Robin Givens
Will they break up? Or do you think he’ll be forgiven?

The stimulus check is still stuck in the Senate
Do you think it’ll get passed before the Cubs win the pennant?

And congrats to the Steelers and their 6th Super Bowl
Will Mike Tomlin be around for as long as they kept Chuck Noll?

All of these stories you can find on globalGrind.
Find out about the world, so you can expand your mind

These are just a couple topics that I really had to vent,
I want to hear your opinion, so be sure to comment!

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