February 03, 2009

globalGrind Blog: 2.3.09

It’s February 3rd, and I’ve got a couple questions
For the people of the world, let’s begin my blogging section.

Kwame Kilpatrick was released from the pen
After serving 99-days will he do it again?

Rick Ross is pissed off over baby mama drama, cuz 50 found his info
Faster than we’ve found Osama.

Obama’s got the FDA fighting salmonella, it’s a thriller that our
Peanut butter has become a killer.

Michael Phelps was in a photograph ripping a bong, now ask yourselves
“Was the Olympic swimmer really wrong?”

Jennifer Hudson’s national anthem had me thinking,
Did she really just kill it? or was she lip-synching?

Rakim blames NY for Hip-Hop’s demise
Do you think it’s still alive? or do you think it’s in disguise?

All of these stories you can find on globalGrind,
Find out about the world, so you can expand your mind

These are just a couple topics that I really had to vent,
I want to hear your opinion so be sure to comment.

- Steve Tyson

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