January 07, 2009

Dr. Dre Is An MC's Best Friend

Everyone respects Dr. Dre for the way he keeps heads boppin’ and speakers thumpin’ but sometimes they’ll criticize the repetitiveness of the way his beats loop every 4- or 8-bars and how simple & elemental they can be. And that’s precisely the genius of his craft.

The way he spaces out his music allows any MC the ability to utilize his or her flow to the best of their abilities. From the poetic rappers like Tupac Shakur & Nas, to lyrical assassins like Eminem & Busta Rhymes, to masters of “flow” like Jay-Z & 50 Cent, to even singers like Mary J. Blige & Michel’le he allows people to express themselves as best as they can.

For example, take his latest production “Crack A Bottle”. A few of us here at Global Grind were listening to it, and you can easily hear how intricate Eminem is able to weave his lyrics in and out of the beat with ease. When it’s Dr. Dre’s turn to get on the mic he’s a little more somber and plodding with his flow, which might not work over most beats but is seamless when laced on top of his own production. 50 Cent is a disappointment on the song, but nevertheless he gets the final verse. Even though he’s as lazy as he’s ever been when rapping, his verse still locks into the beat better than a Lego.

I just can’t wait to hear what MC’s he enlists for “Detox”. Those beats he’s kept in the can just for this album have to be some of the best production he’s ever done if the music he’s been releasing became hits like “In The Club”, “The Set Up”, “Outta Control”, “How We Do” and “Lost One”. And apparently even if what he creates is simplistic in nature, word is he’s getting some production assistance from Hi-Tek, DJ Khalil, Mike Elizondo, Mark Ronson, & The RZA so you know there will be some crafty organization.

Hopefully the good Doctor will continue to produce and arrange music long enough for me to reach the spotlight and get down on a track or two, haha.

I’ll show him how the new generation gets down…

- Steve Tyson Jr.

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