January 05, 2009

Let The Beef Build

First it was Jim Jones vs. Max B. Then it was T.I. vs. Shawty Lo. Then it became Lil’ Wayne vs. 50 Cent. Now it’s Katt Williams vs. Steve Harvey? I know people are always gunnin’ for the top spot, but these beefs are getting a little out of hand.

When the aftermath of 2Pac vs. Biggie played out, everyone was afraid to beef until Can-I-Bus started busting shots at LL Cool J. Then 50 Cent went on a tirade against everyone in the industry on “How To Rob”. Once he became a mega-success after his beef with Ja Rule, it seemed like the most popular thing to do in Hip-Hop was beef with any random nigga who’s willing to respond. Now we’re starting to come full circle, where the crews of rappers like T.I. and Shawty Lo are firing gunshots at one another. This is only going to lead to the same situation we found ourselves in when Biggie & ‘Pac were killed.

Which leads me to Katt Williams and Steve Harvey… now, I would not have guessed Steve Harvey was a beefin’ kinda guy but I’ve found myself mistaken. It seems like when he took off the toupee, he also took the gloves off and is willing to square off against any young comedian in the game. Katt Williams was the first to step up to the comedy legend, and his presence is really turning this into one of the best things to happen to stand-up comedy since Def Comedy Jam. I cannot recall a time when comedians would come at one another so openly, I mean could you imagine Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor dissing each other?

Maybe beefs and challenges are what the game needs sometimes. When things become too repetitive and stale or when the same people are in the spotlight for too long, there needs to be a changeover. It’s just when the insults get taken too far and the retaliation becomes more physical than verbal is when people need to watch out.

I doubt it will get like that with Katt & Steve, and I doubt it will even get like that between most of the rappers, but when it comes to some of the folk who surround the people that are beefing… you never know.

- Steve Tyson Jr.

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